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What Your Facial Hair Says About You




The Well-Kept Full Beard

Full Beard

Screams dominate male. But be careful, a little to over grown and it turns from dominate male to mountain man real quickly. The Key to the full beard is its neatness. Don’t go sloppy with this one guys, keep it high and tight. 

The Original Goatee

The Original Goatee


Like the full beard, this style can allude dominance. Although it can also have the opposite effect in younger males. The key is clean growth, no gaps can bee had in this facial hair style. If it doesn’t grow in, don’t force it.

“The goatee is a mature style … so on a younger man, maybe he’s saying he’s got something to prove?” says Passion. “On an older guy, he’s saying, ‘I’ve earned the right to wear this,’ and simply by wearing it, he has.”


 The Overall Scruff

The overall scruff goatee style

 This can be taken differently in different situations. Combined with a suite and tie it says “I am the man, and don’t give a shit what you think I look THAT good.” Combined with worn out jeans with paint on your t-shirt is says ” I am a broke artist who is wearing my facial hair like this to be ironic.” Like the full beard, keep it clean and it will work for anyone.

The Chin Strap Beard

Chin Strap beard


According to, the chin strap is perverse and weird. We disagree. If your manly enough to rock a chin strap beard, that’s just it, your manly enough. It says to women I can grow a full beard, but instead I choose to be a bad ass. 

The Mustashe

mustashe goatee

 What does the  Mustashe say about? It says your weird as shit OR your cool as shit and your being funny (guess what, your not that funny). Unless your Tom Selleck, DO NOT ROCK A MUSTASHE for an extended amount of time. For fun, it’s hilarious. If your really being serious it says to women that you are weird as hell, a rapist, or a wanna-be porn star. 






Goatee Styles


Goatee’d Man Robs Bank In Camp Hill, PA

Goatee man robs bank

It’s people like this that give Goatee’s a bad name! Now goatee’d men everywhere will have to deal with the persecution brought about by this idiot.     I mean i get it, it takes a lot of cheese to keep that Goatee looking so fresh. But he at least could have cut it into the…

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Yup, he just did THAT

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